czwartek, 14 maja 2015

Upcycling bottles

It's time for vases :D
I recently fell for wrapping bottles - I found it hard to throw away some of the already emptied ones I had and thus I began my internet search for a way to make them even better. I found one and I love it :) Now I really wrap A LOT of them and soon I'm going to give them to cat care foundation Koci Pazur, so they can sell them on one of the auctions and earn some money for kitties <3 p="">
Basically, the wrapping method is really simple - all you need is a ball of yarn (not too shaggy), double-sided tape and something to impregnate the material so they can be washed. I'm also thinking about painting some of the bottles from the inside, so pieces of tape won't be visible.

Plus there's a hunting side - each week I'm going to local second-hand shop to poach some new yarns <3 p="">
And that's how they look like wrapped:

And that's how they dry after being impregnated on my balcony:

Best part is - you can make them and listen to e-book/participate in conversation/watch TV, because they're so easy to make :D

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