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Swarovski and cats

EDIT: Cats can be found on ETSY :3

In theory I do have a lot of time lately, but it's all consumed by creating stuff and not writing about it on the internets. Impatient fingers :) It's high time to brag about something!

I developed the kitty pattern myself. With each next it's turning out better and better and now I have new idea for the earrings. Basically, it's rivoli bezeling plus ears and tails. And this is how they turn out:

And here with earrings:

Swarovski rivolis are in sizes 8, 14, 12 i 8 mm, and in colours Silver Night (big kitty's body) and Black Diamond (rest). Wrapped in Toho Round beads in sizes 15 and 11, and colors: Transparent Rainbow Crystal, Silver-lined Frosted Crystal and SLF Black Diamond. All parts made of silver, plus silver necklace about 40 cm in length.

I also made a set for my friend in pinks and whites (raspberry ice cream!), with dot-earrings in place of kitties:

Here with earrings:

And beautiful Swarovski cuts...

Rivoli in sizes 18, 14 and 8 mm, and color Fuchsia. Toho Round beads in 11 and 15, and colors Inside Color Crystal/Snow lined and Gold-lustered Raspberry. Also - silver :)

I'm now planning to do something in blues...

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