wtorek, 13 października 2015

Bottled crazy

I haven't been here for a while... But I'm back with a blast! Do you remember those yarn-wrapped bottles from this post? I'm still not getting bored with wrapping, but I decided to spice it up a bit, especially since I found a challenge on one of the Polish crafter pages :) Seemed like a perfect one for me, since it included... bottles...

I planned three bottles, but I was stopped by Ceylon Snowflake beads suddenly running low, so for the sake of the challenge, there are only two bottles. Third, smallest, is waiting for her beaded collar and she will most likely join the bigger sisters soon. For the moment:

And here some close-ups on the flowers, smaller and bigger :)

For the flowers I used:
Swarovski rivoli in Golden Shadow colour in sizes 14 and 18 mm
Toho 15/0 in colours:
SL Smoky Topaz
SL Light Topaz
SL Frosted Crystal
Transparent Crystal
Toho 11/0 i colours:
SL Topaz
SL Frosted Light Topaz
SL Crystal
Ceylon Snowflake

I'll add third bottle once it's ready :)

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