czwartek, 21 sierpnia 2014

New dragons and new banner

After a long, long break (I moved to a new apartment) I'm back to intensive beading. I spent last week in my bed, which resulted in new dragonlings. Here they go:

Godly Swarovski in Crystal colour:
Swarovski crystal (18 mm in diameter) was wrapped with Toho Round beads in sizes
15/0, 11/0 i 8/0, and colours Transparent Rainbow Crystal and Silver-lined Crystal. Eyes were made with Swarovski Round Crystal AB 4 mm. Clasp is made with silver.

It shines beautifully (Swarovski, duh :D), unfortunately, photos don't show it well...
Available on Etsy.

Dragon no 2, hero of the new banner:
Wrapped on violet agate bead (14 mm in diameter) with Toho Round beads in sizes 15/0, 11/0 i 8/0, colours Permanent Finish Galvanised Aluminium and Inside Colour Aqua/Opaque Purple lined. I also used Spike Beads in Silver/Jet colour, and glass beads for the eyes. Clasp made with silver.

It has shorter snout than rest of the dragons, so it was instantly named a Violet Gekko-Dragon.
This cuteness is now available on Etsy.

Last but not least - red dragon that has visited this blog already, now with gold-plated clasp!
Also on Etsy :)

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