wtorek, 6 maja 2014

Project dragon

I was planning to check out THIS TUTORIAL a while ago, but something kept getting in the way - not enough bead sizes, wrong colours, work (work all the time), but I finally managed to do it. Making the dragon took me about 4 episodes of "Person of Interest"... and the tutorial is really simple :D

Dragon babe was planned as a necklace:
...but it can also work as a figurine, since the tail is easily manipulated:

A few more photos from various angles. Cute face:
Fine ass :P
And my wedding ring for size comparison:

I used Toho Round seed beads in sizes 15/0, 11/0 i 8/0, in colours: PF Galvanised Aluminium, SL Olivine, SL Frosted Olivine and Inside-Color Luster Black Diamond/Opaque Yellow lined (yeah, such a long name :P). The basic stone is coloured agate, and eyes were made with random glass beads. Whole dragon is stringed on fishing wire, metal element is in silver colour.

I'm planning to do more dragons in more colours, so... :D

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