środa, 28 maja 2014

More dragons!

I won't lie, dragons take a lot of my time lately :) Each one comes out differently, even though I'm using the same tutorial... to be found here. Today I have three to show :)

First - baby dragon that caught my friend's attention. Really small.
It's less than 5cm long and I wrapped it on round bead, 10mm in diameter, made of crocodile jasper. Pendant clasp and ring made of sterling silver. I used:
Toho Round 11/0 and 15/0 in colours: Metallic Moss, PF Galvanised Aluminium, SL Frosted Olivine, IC Luster Black Diamond/O. Yellow lined (eyes);
and Preciosa Rocaille in colour looking like Metallic Moss. Size about 8/0.

Ice frozen dragon:
More than 7 cm in length, wrapped on white opal, 16 mm in diameter. Toho beads in sizes: 15/0, 11/0 i 8/0 and colours: Transparent Frosted Crystal, T. Crystal, SL Aquamarine, SL Frosted Aquamarine. Dagger Beads 5x8 mm, in Crystal colour. Eyes made with random glass beads. Pendant clasp and ring made of sterling silver.
Can be found on my Etsy.

Last but not least - unfinished red dragon:
Unfinished, because I have trouble with finding pendant clasp made with gold-plated silver... ;)
Toho Round seed beads in sizes: 15/0, 11/0, 8/0 and colours: PF Galvanised Starlight, SL Siam Ruby, T. Frosted Ruby. Round bead made with mountain jade, 16 mm in diameter. The dragon is about 7 cm long.
It will be available for sale once I get that pendant clasp :)

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