piątek, 20 czerwca 2014

"Szuflada" challenge - Monochromatic Symmetry

Somehow I was so sure I have time until Sunday and what a surprise - today is the deadline!
But it's still before midnight, so I think I'll fit :)

This piece is participating in Szuflada's challenge, Monochromatic Symmetry:

The necklace has been created a while ago, when I was listening to archive radio programme about archaeology on internet channel of Polish Radio Trojka. And even though the final creation has nothing to do with Ancient Egypt, it will forever remind me about queen Nefertiti's scandals :D

The cameo has been resting in my chest for a while now, I finally came to use it.
And a close-up too:

It has been wrapped in Toho Round beads in colours: Opaque Frosted White, Ceylon Innocent Pink and Inside Colour Rainbow Crystal/Salmon lined, in sizes 11/0 and 15/0, as well as Toho Magatama 3mm in Ceylon Innocent Pink colour. All metal parts made of sterling silver.

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