czwartek, 12 czerwca 2014

Sapphire rose and other beauties

I have one more dragon that I haven't yet shown on the blog, and which took part in  a contest on Korallo and (attention, please!) won an award for me :D Brave creature!

It's wrapped on venetian glass bead, with Toho Round 15/0, 11/0, 8/0 and 6/0 in Permanent Finish Galvanised Starlight and Silver Lined Frosted Dark Aquamarine colours. Clasp made with gold-plated silver.

It has already been bought and sent to my friend in UK, who has also ordered two more crafts... Most of all, a colour-fitting rose ring:

Pattern can be found on and if any of you wanted to check other patterns I work with, feel free to visit my Pinterest board :)

Rose has been made with Toho Round in the same colours as the dragon and it has been attached to peyote ring.

Last part of the order were N7-styled earrings; something a Mass Effect female fans will probably appreciate:

This time Toho Round in 11/0 size and in Opaque Jet, O White and O Cherry colours. Metal elements in silver colour.

The package is now on it's way to UK and I hope it will get there soon!

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