piątek, 28 lutego 2014

Multicolour Shaded Bracelets

The main idea is not mine - I've been inspired by similar bracelet on Weraph's blog. The frosted, icy look was really fitting for the weather few weeks ago when I've been making them...
I've been testing various bead types and their effects on random cotton twists (from local haberdashery) (I love the word "haberdashery").
Yellow, made with Toho Round 8/0 Transparent Frosted Crystal, with golden glass charm:

Green, made with Toho Round 8/0 Transparent Crystal with green glass charm:
And both of them together:

And blue one with "random" transparent beads in 11/0 size. (Terribly difficult, because I had to pick the beads manually... nevermore! ;) )

All metal elements in silver colour, charms made with glass cabochon, 10 mm size, painted with nail polish on the bottom... Great tutorial can be found HERE.
Practical advice no.1 - nail polish MUST BE dry. So must be the glue. Personally I use glue named Magick (though I have NO IDEA if it can be bought anywhere outside Poland...)
Practical advice no.2 - in case of total failure, Magick glue can be easily removed with nail polish remover. Tested!
Practical advice no.3 - I put cabochon on plasticine, so it doesn't "run away".

All bracelets (except from the blue one, nicked by my sister) are available in my Etsy shop.
I'm planning to buy more cotton twists in various colours... maybe something pink? Strawberry bracelets in the summer?

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