piątek, 28 lutego 2014

A bit of fandom jewellery

Today something more in the subject. To begin with, a "Key to the TARDIS" bracelet from the Doctor Who fandom.
Those who know what is what, won't need much explanation. To all the others: TARDIS (or rather T.A.R.D.I.S. - Time And Relative Dimension In Space) is Dr Who's ship - not only to travel in space, but also in time - and it looks like a blue police box because... it has a glitch :D

I used Toho Round 11/0 in Opaque White and Opaque Frosted Navy colours. The charm is 12 mm long with 10mm size cabochon. All metal elements in silver colour.
Can be found here.

And now two versions of Mass Effect themed bracelets. White-red-black colours are used as logo for an elite soldier formation N7, that the main character of the game belongs to.

Simple themed version:

Two versions, with Paragon Wing and Renegade Star. Both can be found here.
Myself, I play Paragon femShep, if anyone's interested :)

And a bit more complex:

The pattern has been created with AMAZING app for crocheted ropes, jbead - easy to use and totally free :3
Both bracelets - in both versions - can be found here.

They've been made with Toho Round 11/0 in Opaque White, Opaque Jet and Opaque Cherry colours. All elements in silver colour.

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