piątek, 28 lutego 2014

Mass Effect inspired jewellery set


This time a pendant and a pair of earrings:

Mass Effect fans have probably recognised the pattern - it's the same that a quarian Tali'Zorah wears on her clothing (she's one of my favourite characters, btw.)

Bottom of the cabochone is covered with black suede <3 a="" and="" beading="" found="" href="http://koralikowaweraph.blogspot.com/p/tutoriale-mojego-autorstwa.html" i="" in="" mix="" of="" on="" re="" techniques="" that="" they="" two="" wrapped="">Weraph's
blog) - at the front there's a peyote stitch and the bottom is cabochon catching technique... I was kinda surprised to see it worked so well!Toho Round beads 11/0 and 15/0 in Transparent Frosted Sugar Plum, Silver Lined Amethyst and Transparent Frosted Amethyst colours.All metal elements in silver colour.
To be found here.

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