czwartek, 6 marca 2014

Some more bracelets

 Time to show off a little more. Today - crocheted rope bracelets.
I'll start with something in spring colour:

 Tricolour bracelet made with Toho Round 11/0 in Transparent Frosted Lime, TF Dark Peridot and TF Teal colours. The clasp (that has been my inspiration) and all other elements in silver colour. I couldn't help myself, it just got so "spring-y" in the middle of winter :3
To be found here.


One of my favourite Toho Round 11/0 in Opaque Frosted Terra Cotta colour and gold Knorr Prandell beads. Elements in gold colour.
Is here.

And a Swarovski bracelet for dessert:
I fell in love in that spiral pattern, I plan more...
Toho Round 11/0 i 15/0, in Transparent Rainbow, Silver Lined Crystal, Inside Colour Crystal/Snow lined and Opaque Jet colours. Rivioli Swarovski in jet colour, 12 mm. Metal elements in silver colour.

And here is my brave Malina, who has helped in photo making:

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