poniedziałek, 10 marca 2014

Violet Jasper pendant

I decided to try my skills in a creative challenge of "Kreatywny Kufer":
Another bead wrap (wrapping works very well for me lately...), this time a beautiful stone I found in Koralianki's shop in Poznań. I am guessing it's a violet jasper, but I honestly admit, I don't remember.... I need to refresh and broad my knowledge of minerals.

I hunted it, because I was missing something violet that I could keep for myself and wear for work. Self-advertisement, You know.

And here's the "back" and "front" comparison (personally I cannot decide which side looks better).
...as always, one side came out more loose and the other too tight :P

Toho Round beads, in sizes 11/0 i 15/0, in Permanent Finish Galvanised Aluminium and Inside Colour Rainbow Rosaline/Opaque Purple colours. Silver coloured metal.

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