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Stone wrapping

...since, as I mentioned, it works really well for me lately :)

Something glittery for starters:

Pink is a weird colour. It's overly ladylike, overly sugar, but a colour as any other... and as I bumped into those rivoli in Rose colour, I couldn't resist them :P
Toho Round in 15/0 and colours: Opaque Rainbow White, Silver Lined Rosaline and Inside Colour Rainbow Crystal-Salmon lined as well as 11/0 in SL Frosted Rosaline colour. Spikes made of silver. My wedding ring included as size comparison :)

Also in the colour:
Biiiiig pink howlite. I was wrapping it, and wrapping it, and the net was growing and growing...
Beads SL Rosaline, SL Frosted Rosaline and O Rainbow White. Also silver-coloured metal element.

And one pretty stone without name and accidentally received:

Wrapped in Toho 11/0 and 15/0 in Metallic Hematite and O Rainbow White colours. Silver-coloured metal pendant.

Both stones will be donated for Koci Pazur ("Cat's Claw") from Poznań. Unless someone fell in love with them and wants to order them now - the money will be donated for the kitties! If so, please contact me :3

And few more shots:

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