czwartek, 6 marca 2014

Wedding set with Swarovski rivoli beads

Today is the jewellery set day :)

I got the idea when I received my biggest yet rivoli - 18 mm bead that is now the centre of the pendant. The rest just came along naturally.

Some more details (my tiny camera does great close-ups, but it doesn't do much justice to the farther distance :P)

Rivoli in Crystal F colour in sizes 18, 12 i 8 mm. Toho Round beads 11/0 i 15/0, in TransRainbow Crystal, TR Frosted Crystal, Transparent Crystal and Permanent Finish Galvanised Starlight colours (I simply love the last one :D). Also Dagger Beads in Frosted Crystal colour. Earrings made with silver clasps, all other elements in silver coloured metal.
Can be found here.

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