wtorek, 25 marca 2014

Pyrkon madness

As a geek, I couldn't resist going to the biggest Polish fantasy convention (even more so because I live in Poznań). For those not familiar with the subject - a convention is a sort of weird thing, were people with interests in fantasy come, cosplay, discuss stuff, shout, smile and have a lot of fun. It's my fourth Pyrkon, so I decided to dress up as well:
One of the four doesn't fit :D
Btw femShep is just amazing (so are the boys, but still... :3).

I got the dress in a second-hand store, did a few small changes, tightened it a little and... beaded my jewellery:
Vendor's hall in the background and very little Garrus on first plane, mrrr...

Whole set took me some two weeks - but since I was only beading in my scarce free time, I think whole time I spent on it was much shorter.
Whole set contains exactly 17 Swarovski rivoli beads in Siam F colour and 8, 12, 14 mm sizes, as well as one navette crystal in Red Magma colour.

Additionally, a whole bunch of Toho beads in Silver Silver Lined Siam Ruby and Permanent Finish Galvanised Starlight colours, in sizes 11/0 and 15/0. All metal elements are covered in gold.
Beading took me some time, since whole necklace is generally a crazy freeform (especially the way rivoli's are connected). But I'm quite pleased with the effect :)

I have a cosplay plan for next year too... this time a bit more detailed. And steampunk - because it's my latest artistic love. Details soon!

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